A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS, by Phylos the Thibetan, dictated to Frederick S. Oliver. Written in the late 1800’s.

This story is set in Atlantis—a continent unrecognized mostly by the scientific community—but found in the writings of Edgar Cayce—a psychic that spoke on many subjects—from a self-induced hypnotic trance. You will find Atlantis also in other literature that originates from the trance state. Taylor Caldwell wrote a fiction named “Romance of Atlantis”. There are a few books that suggest the possible locations of such a continent. According to the book, this story was dictated by a spirit to a young man in the middle of the night.

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I have read this book two or more times. For most people, this story will be viewed as science fiction or fantasy, as it speaks of reincarnation and magical events. I found this story captivating. The reader should read it as if it was true—just as if it was a regular fiction book—that is, with “suspension of disbelief”. I’m only showing the contents here, spelled in Mentur. Click on the chapters to go to the standard version on the Internet.

I hav redd dhis bwk two or three tiemz. For moest peepul, dhis story wil be vued az siuns fikshun or fantusy, az it speeks uv reinkarnaeshun and majikul ivents. I found dhis story kaptuvaeting. Dhv reedur shwd reed it az if it wvz troo—jvst az if it wvz a regylur fikshun bwk—dhat iz, with “suspenshun uv disbileef”. I’m oenly shoeing dhv kontents hir, speld in Mentur. Klik on dhv chapturz to go to dhv standurd vurrzhun on dhe Inturnet.

I have guessed at the pronunciation of some of the names.

I hav gesd at dhv prununseaeshun uv svm uv dhv naemz.






Chaptur I

Atlantis, Queen of the Sea and of the world. Zailm’s pilgrimage to the top of Pitach Rhok to worship his Deity. He finds gold. The volcanic eruption–he is almost overtaken by lava flow, but escapes.

Utlantus, Kween uv dhv See and uv dhv wvruld. Zaelm’z pilgrumij to dhv top uv Pitach Rok to wvrship hiz Deuty. He fiendz goeld. Dhv volkaenik irvpshun—he iz aulmoest oevurtaekun by lovu floe, bvt eskaeps.

Chaptur II

Caiphul, capital of Atlantis, and its people, its form of Government; politics and marvelous mechanical features. Excerpts from labor laws. Electrodic transit system.

Kaeful, kaputul uv Utlantus, and its peepul, its form uv Guvvurnmunt; polutiks and marvulus mukanikul feechurz. Eksurpts frvm laebur lauz. Ilektrodik transut sistum.

Chaptur III

Zailm determines his course of studies as he believes Incal has directed.

Zaelm ditvrmunz hiz kors uv stvdyz az he bileevz Inkul haz durektud.

Chaptur IV

Physical science as understood by the Poseidii, and the prime principles upon which it was based. “Incal Malixetho: i.e. God is immanent in Nature” was first–to this they appended–“Axte Incal, Axtuce Mun” translated “To know God is to know all worlds what ever”. They held that but One Substance existed, and but One Energy,

Fizikul siuns az undurstwd by dhv Poesiedy, and dhv priem prinsupulz upon which it wvz baesd. “Inkul Muliksuthoe: i.e. God iz imununt in Naechur” wvz fvrst—to dhis dhae upendud—”Aksty Inkul, Akstoos Mvn” translaetud “To knoe God iz to knoe aul wvrldz whot evur”. Dhae held dhat bvt Wvn Svbstuns egzistud, and bvt Wvn Enurjy,

the one being Incal externalized, and the other His Life in action in His Body. Applying this principle to their scientific work they accomplished through it aerial navigation without gas or sails,–circumnavigating the globe in a day–conveyance of sound with reflection of the sender–heat and power conduction to whatever

dhv wvn being Inkul ekstvrnuliezd, and dhe vdhur Hiz Lief in akshun in Hiz Body. Uplieing dhis prinsupul to dheir siuntifik wvrk dhae ukomplishd throo it ereul navugaeshun without gas or saelz—surkumnavugaeting dhv gloeb in a dae—kunvaeuns uv sound with riflekshun uv dhv sendur—heet and pour kundvkshun to whotevur

distance without material connection, transmuted metals–obtained, by electrical action, water from the atmosphere. These, and many others, were in common use. (Some of these things approach re-discovery, but the reader must remember that the book here indexed was finished in 1886, when the modern world knew them not. It knew not the Cathode Ray till 1896).

distuns without mutireul kunekshun, transmuetud metulz—ubtaend, by ilektrikul akshun, wotur frvm dhe atmusfir. Dheez, and meny vdhurz, wvr in komun ues. (Svm uv dheez thingz uproech rydiskuvvury, bvt dhv reedur mvst rimembur dhat dhv bwk hir indeksd wvz finishd in 1886, when dhv modurn wvruld knoo dhem not. It knoo not dhv Kathoed Rae til 1896).

Chaptur V

Zailm’s life in Caiphul. The Rai of the Maxin Laws. Acquaintance with the prophet. Visit to the Emperor’s Palace–an interview with the Emperor.

Zaelm’z lief in Kaeful. Dhv Rae uv dhv Maksun Lauz. Ukwaentuns with dhv profut. Vizut to dhe Empurur’z Palus—an inturvue with dhe Empurur.

Chaptur VI

No good thing can ever perish. Synopsis of the Origin of the Poseidii.

No gwd thing kan evur perish. Sunopsus uv dhe Orujun uv dhv Poesiedy.

Chaptur VII

Religion of the Poseidii. “Close not the Ends of My Cross.”

Rilijun uv dhv Poesiedy. “Kloez not dhe Endz uv Mie Kros.”

Chaptur VIII

A Grave Prophecy of Zailm’s future.

A Graev Profusy uv Zaelm’z fuechur.

Chaptur IX

Curing Crime. Zailm called to criminal court as witness. Treatment of the criminals.

Kywring Kriem. Zaelm kauld to krimunul kort az witnus. Treetmunt uv dhv krimunulz.

Chaptur X

Zailm offered the position of Secretary of Records–bringing him in close contact with the Rai, and all of the Princes, which he accepts. He is requested to go on an errand of courtesy to the country of the Suernii–a nation much more advanced in mystic knowledge than the Poseidii.

Zaelm ofurd dhv puzishun uv Sekrutery uv Rekurdz—bringing him in kloes kontakt with dhv Rae, and aul uv dhv Prinsuz, which he aksepts. He iz rikwestud to go on an erund uv kvrtusy to dhv kvntry uv dhv Swerny—a naeshun mvch mor udvansd in mistik nolij dhan dhv Poesiedy.

Chaptur XI

Recital of Princess Lolix regarding an exhibition of Magic power.

Risietul uv Prinsus Loliks rigarding an eksubishun uv Majik pour.

Chaptur XII

The unexpected happens. Prince Menax reveals his affection for Zailm and asks him to be his son.

Dhe unekspektud hapunz. Prins Menaks riveelz hiz ufekshun for Zaelm and asks him to be hiz svn.

Chaptur XIII

The language of the Soul.

Dhv langgwij uv dhv Soel.

Chaptur XIV

The adoption of Zailm. Description of the Incalithlon, or Great Temple,–The Incalix Mainin. The Rai of the Maxin. Establishment of the Maxin or Unfed Fire of Incal and the Book of the Law. Rai Gwauxln and Incalix Mainin “Sons of the Solitude.”

Dhe udopshun uv Zaelm. Diskripshun uv dhe Inkuluthlon, or Graet Tempul,–Dhv Inkuliks Maenun. Dhv Rae uv dhv Maksun. Establishmunt uv dhv Maksun or Unfed Fier uv Inkul and dhv Bwk uv dhv Lau. Rae Gwaukslun and Inkuliks Maenun “Svnz uv dhv Solutood.”

Chaptur XV

Zailm’s mother deserts him and returns to the mountain. Brain fever. The vase of malleable glass for Ernon, Rai of Suern, with Poseid inscription.

Zaelm’z mvdhur dizvrts him and ritvrnz to dhv mountun. Braen feevur. Dhv vaes uv maleubul glas for Vrnun, Rae uv Swern, with Poesied inskripshun.

Chaptur XVI

The aerial voyage to Suern. Parting two miles above terra firma. The storm. Sowing seeds at sunset–three hundred and fifty miles horizon. Waiting the cessation of the storm. Friends at home appear in the mirror of the Naim. The Suernii a strange and angry people, rebelling against the rule of the Sons of the Solitude, who strove to lift them up. Death of Rai Ernon. His body, by command of Rai Gwauxln, taken back to Caiphul to pass through the Unfed Fire.

Dhe ereul voiij to Swern. Parting two mielz ubuvv teru fvrmu. Dhv storm. Soeing seedz at svnset—three hvndrud and fifty mielz huriezun. Waeting dhv sesaeshun uv dhv storm. Frendz at hoem upir in dhv mirur uv dhv Naem. Dhv Swerny a straenj and anggry peepul, ribeling ugenst dhv rool uv dhv Svnz uv dhv Solutood, hoo stroev to lift dhem vp. Deth uv Rae

Vrnun. Hiz body, by kumand uv Rae Gwaukslun, taekun bak to Kaeful to pas throo dhe Vnfed Fier.

Chaptur XVII

Impressive funeral of Rai Ernon, attended by the Sons of the Solitude.

Impresiv fuenurul uv Rae Vrnun, utendud by dhv Svnz uv dhv Solutood.

Chaptur XVIII

Rai Gwauxln tenders Zailm Suzerainty over the land of Suern. He hesitates, as he is yet an undergraduate at the Xioquithlon; but as the Emperor promises him that the Governor whom as Envoy-in-Special of the Rai of Poseid, he (Zailm) had appointed over Suernis should execute the duties of the position until himself should be legally

Rae Gwaukslun tendurz Zaelm Soozuraenty oevur dhv land uv Swern. He hezutaets, az he iz yet an undurgraduut at dhv  Zioekwithlon; bvt az dhe Empurur promusuz him dhat dhv Guvvurnur hoom az Envoi-in-Speshul uv dhv Rae uv Poesied, he (Zaelm) had upointud oevur Swernyz shwd eksikuet dhv dootyz uv dhv puzishun until himself shwd be leeguly

capable of doing so, he accepts the almost imperial honor, and is dismissed to the completion of the pleasure trip interrupted by the death of Rai Ernon. They visit the Umaurean (present American) colonies of Poseid, which are described. The Grand Canon of the Colorado is not merely the gradual product of time and water and

kaepubul uv doing so, he aksepts dhe aulmoest impireul onur, and iz dismisd to dhv kumpleeshun uv dhv plezhur trip inturvptud by dhv deth uv Rae Vrnun. Dhae vizut dhe Umaureun (prezunt Umerikun) kolunyz uv Poesied, which ar diskriebd. Dhv Grand Kanun uv dhv Koluradoe iz not mirly dhv graduul produkt uv tiem and wotur and

weather, but of sudden formation through volcanic action. “The hand of Pluto was the major worker;” 12,000 years ago he saw a sea cover that region, which “fled away into the Gulf of California.” Visit to the building on the summit of the greater of the Three Tetons, in Idaho, rediscovered by Professor Hayden while on the same

wedhur, bvt uv svdun formaeshun throo volkanik akshun. “Dhv hand uv Plootoe wvz dhv maejur wvrkur;” 12,000 yirz ugoe he sau a see kuvvur dhat reejun, which “fled uwae into dhv Gvlf uv Kalufornyu.” Vizut to dhv bilding on dhv svmut uv dhv graetur uv dhv Three Teetonz, in Ieduhoe, rydiskuvvurd by Prufesur Haedun whiel on dhv saem

expedition which made known to the modern world the famous Yellowstone region–Professor Hayden once a Poseida, attached to the government body of scientists stationed there. Visit to the copper mines, in the present Lake Superior region. Present of a knife of

ekspudishun which maed knoen to dhv modurn wvruld dhv faemus Yeloestoen reejun—Prufesur Haedun wvns a Poesiedu, utachd to dhv guvvurnmunt body uv siuntusts staeshund dher. Vizut to dhv kopur mienz, in dhv prezunt Laek Supireur reejun. Prezunt uv a nief uv

tempered copper. Incalia, west of the chain now known as the Rocky Mountains. Toward home, East, then South. Forsaking the realms of air for the depths of the sea at the rate of a mile a minute. Reproved by his father over the naim for recklessness.

tempurd kopur. Inkaleu, west uv dhv chaen nou knoen az dhv Roky Mountunz. Tuword hoem, Eest, dhen South. Forsaeking dhv relmz uv er for dhv depths uv dhv see at dhv raet uv a miel a minut. Riproovd by hiz fodhur oevur dhv naem for reklusnus.

Chaptur XIX

Home again. The problem of teaching the Suernii. These people, having lost their seeming magic power, require tuition in the arts of life. Zailm and his vice-regents accomplish this. The latter records of this people to be found in the history of the Judaic race. Death of Lolix’s father; her indifference at hearing of it. Slumbering of conscience.

Hoem ugen. Dhv problum uv teeching dhv Swerny. Dheez peepul, having lost dheir seeming majik pour, rikwier tooishun in dhe arts uv lief. Zaelm and hiz vies-reejunts ukomplish dhis. Dhv latur rekurdz uv dhis peepul to be found in dhv histury uv dhv Joodaik raes. Deth uv Loliks’z fodhur; hvr indifuruns at hiring uv it. Slvmburing uv konshuns.

Chaptur XX

Duplicity. Graduation at the Xioquithlon. Festivities in honor of the graduates. Sadness of the Emperor at his nephew’s wrong-doing.

Dooplisuty. Graduaeshun at dhv Ziukwithlon. Festivutyz in onur uv dhv graduuts. Sadnus uv dhe Empurur at hiz nefue’z rong-doing.

Chaptur XXI

The mistake of a life. The demand of karma. Atonement is not undoing. Christ atoned–we must undo. Reincarnation is expiation.

Dhv mustaek uv a lief. Dhv dimand uv karmu. Utoenmunt iz not undoing. Chriest utoend—we mvst undoo. Reinkarnaeshun iz ekspeaeshun.

Chaptur XXII

Zailm asks Anzimee to be his wife. She confides her joy to Lolix, who drops fainting to the floor, but does not betray the secret of Zailm and herself. In an interview she resigns him to his new love, but the shock unsettles her mind, and in the evening she appears

Zaelm asks Anzumee to be hiz wife. She kunfiedz hvr joi to Loliks, hoo drops faenting to dhv flor, bvt dvz not bitrae dhv seekrut uv Zaelm and hurself. In an inturvue she rizienz him to hiz noo luv, bvt dhv shok unsetulz hvr miend, and in dhv eevning she upirz

before the assembly in the Great Temple, where the announcement of the coming marriage is being made, and a most exciting scene occurs, closing with the dramatic death of Lolix, through the magic art of the High Priest.

bifoer dhe usembly in dhv Graet Tempul, wher dhe unounsmunt uv dhv kvming marrij iz being maed, and a moest eksieting seen ukvrz, kloezing with dhv drumatik deth uv Loliks, throo dhv majik art uv dhv Hie Preest.

Chaptur XXIII

A witness before the criminal. Remorse of Zailm. Speeding away on his vailx, for three months he wanders in agony of soul, that takes him for a time out of the body. Finding Lolix, he weeps over her and their child. Then a glorious radiance breaks over the scene, and One whom he has seen before is beside them and gives them rest. At last

A witnus bifoer dhv krimunul. Rimors uv Zaelm. Speeding uwae on hiz vaeliks, for three mvnths he wondurz in aguny uv soel, dhat taeks him for a tiem out uv dhv body. Fiending Loliks, he weeps oevur hvr and dheir chield. Dhen a gloreus raedeuns braeks oevur dhv seen, and Wvn hoom he haz seen bifoer iz bisied dhem and givz dhem rest. At last

he goes home, to learn that his father has died of grief at his supposed death. The shock of his unexpected return nearly causes the death of Anzimee. Confession to Anzimee and forgiveness. Departure for the mines of Southern Umaur. The electric generation of water. Loss of

he goez hoem, to lvrn dhat hiz fodhur haz died uv greef at hiz supoezd deth. Dhv shok uv hiz unekspektud ritvrn nirly kauzuz dhv deth uv Anzumee. Kunfeshun to Anzumee and forgivnus. Diparchur for dhv mienz uv Svdhur Umaur. Dhe ilektrik jenuraeshun uv wotur. Los uv

the vibrator of the naim, thus destroying communication with home. Finding of the cavern house and getting fastened therein. Hunger and thirst. Astral visit of Mainin, the High Priest. He promises to send help, but comes again taunting Zailm, blaspheming Deity. A glorious visitor appears, who blasts Mainin into outer darkness. To Zailm He gave “Peace and Sleep.” (Death.)

dhv viebraetur uv dhv naem, dhvs distroiing kumuenikaeshun with hoem. Fiending uv dhv kavurn hous and getting fasund dherin. Hvngur and thvrst. Astrul vizut uv Maenun, dhv Hie Preest. He promusuz to send help, bvt kvmz ugen taunting Zaelm, blasfuming Deuty. A gloreus vizutur upirz, hoo blasts Maenun into outur darknus. To Zaelm He gaev “Pees and Sleep.” (Deth.)

Chaptur XXIV

Awaking in the astral he returned to camp. Succeeding in making his men understand that they must return to Caiphul, he returned thither by exertion of will power, to be greeted by the Emperor, who alone could see him, thus: “What! Zailm! Dead! Dead!” Entrance to and “life” in Devachan. References to earlier earth lives. Completion of Devachan and reincarnation on earth.

Uwaekuning in dhe astrul he ritvrnd to kamp. Sukseeding in maeking hiz men undurstand dhat dhae mvst ritvrn to Kaeful, he ritvrnd thidhur by egzvrshun uv wil pour, to be greetud by dhe Empurur, hoo uloen kwd see him, dhvs: “Whot! Zaelm! Ded! Ded!” Entruns to and “lief” in Devuchan. Refurunsuz to vrlyur vrth lievz. Kumpleeshun uv Devuchan and reinkarnaeshun on vrth.



Seven Shasta Scenes.





Chaptur I

In another personality–that of Walter Pierson, an American citizen. Orphaned in infancy–roving life on the sea. Is a soldier in the war of Secession. Next is a gold miner in California. Quong: companionship with p. 9 the Tehin on trips among the mountains. Philosophizing. Meeting with the grizzly bear and witnessing his docility at Quong’s command.

In unvdhur pursunaluty—dhat uv Waultur Pirsun, an Umerikun situzun. Orfund in infunsy—roeving lief on dhv see. Iz a soeljur in dhv wor uv Siseshun. Nekst iz a goeld mienur in Kalufornyu. Kwong: kumpanyunship with dhv Teehun on trips umvng dhv mountunz. Fulosufiezing. Meeting with dhv grizly ber and witnusing hiz dosiluty at Kwong’z kumand.

Chaptur II

The Lothinian Brotherhood. Reclamation of one on the wrong path. The mystic note. Offer to sell his mine; reason, want to go “home.” The mountain lion and the deer. Visit to the Sach in Mount Shasta. Description of the lodge-room.

Dhv Lothineun Brvdhurhwd. Reklumaeshun uv wvn on dhv rong path. Dhv Mistik noet. Ofur to sel hiz mien; reezun, wvnt to go “hoem.” Dhv mountun liun and dhv dir. Vizut to dhv Sach in Mount Shasta. Diskripshun uv dhv loj-room.

Chaptur III

Pentecostal address of Mendocus, Master. Invocation ceremonies. A visitor from Pertoz–Mol Lang–“has come to induct one of their number, Quong, into the ‘land of the departed,’ and another, Walter Pierson, or ‘Phylos,’ to take home with himself.”

Pentukostul adres uv Mendoekus, Mastur. Invoekaeshun serumoenyz. A vizutur frvm Pvrtoz—Mol Lang—”haz kvm to indvkt wvn uv dheir nvmbur, Kwong, into dhv ‘land uv dhv dipartud,’ and unvdhur, Waultur Pirsun, or ‘Fieloes,’ to taek hoem with himself.”

Chaptur IV

Visit to one enjoying life’s rewards in the astral life; “As a man soweth so shall he reap.” Visit to a Devachanic home. Temporary return to earth. Difference between Devachanic concepts and the objects conceived of. Who was the daughter?

Vizut to wvn enjoiing lief’s riwordz in dhe astrul lief; “Az a man soeuth so shal he reep.” Vizut to a Devuchonik hoem. Tempurery ritvrn to vrth. Difuruns bitween Devuchonik konsepts and dhe objikts kunseevd uv. Hoo wvz dhv dautur?

Chaptur V

Mol Lang is home in Hesper. ” It is good to be at home again.” Meeting with Phyris, his Alter Ego.

Mol Lang iz hoem in Hespur. “It iz gwd to be at hoem ugen.” Meeting with Fierus, hiz aultur Eegoe.

Chaptur VI

Sohma’s teachings. The better methods. The key to all wisdom. Phyris’ thought creations. In the library. Books transported from earth to Hesper–(Venus.) Magic glasses. Magical growing of fruits through the power of the symbol.

Soemu’z teechingz. Dhv betur methudz. Dhv kee to aul wizdum. Fierus’z thaut kreashunz. In dhv liebrery. Bwks transportud frvm vrth to Hespur—(Veenus.) Majik glasuz. Majikul groeing uv froots throo dhv pour uv dhv simbul.

Chaptur VII

Phyris’ magical painting which was a prophecy. Mol Lang’s teachings. Why it is more wrong to take animal life than vegetable life. “Thou canst not compensate the animal for its lost opportunities, but a plant thou mayest.” Farewell of Mol Lang. Other inhabitants of

Fierus’z majikul paenting which wvz a profusy. Mol Lang’z teechingz. Whie it iz mor rong to taek anumul lief dhan vejutubul lief. “Dhou kanst not kompunsaet dhe anumul for its lost opurtoonutyz, bvt a plant dhou maeust.” Ferwel uv Mol Lang. Vdhur inhabutunts uv

Hesper. A heritor of many lives. Faith replaced by knowledge. Of such is the kingdom of heaven. Phyris tells him of previous lives, but says that he will forget them “until he comes again.” She teaches of the Crisis of Transfiguration. She takes him back to the Sagum in Mt. Shasta. Parting for a little time.

Hespur. A herutur uv meny lievz. Faeth riplaesd by nolij. Uv svch iz dhv kingdum uv hevun. Fierus telz him uv preveus lievz, bvt sez dhat he wil forget dhem “until he kvmz ugn.” She teechuz uv dhv Kriesus uv Transfigyuraeshun. She taeks him bak to dhv Saegum in Mt. Shastu. Parting for a litul tiem.

Chaptur VIII

Awaking in the Sagum. Taking up earth-life again. “Do unto others as thou wouldst be done by.” Sale of the mine. Travel. Meeting with Lizzie, the reclaimed one. Home to Washington. Marriage.

Uwaekuning in dhv Saegum. Taeking vp vrth-lief ugen. “Do unto vdhurz az dhou wwdst be dvn by.” Sael uv dhv mien. Travul. Meeting with Lizy, dhv ryklaemd wvn. Hoem to Woshingtun. Marrij.

Chaptur IX

A little retrospection–Meeting with the chela in Hindostan–a message from Mendocus. Stirring of Hesperian memories. Remembrance of a visit to the Sun with Sohma. The Navaz currents. Discontent with life. Death of little daughters. Starting on a sea voyage with Elizabeth. Storm and wreck and–Death. Home again to Pertoz. Home, now; Earth, with its ills, left behind forever, and Karma satisfied.

A litul retruspekshun-Meeting wigh dhv cheelu in Hindustan—a mesij frvm Mendukus. Stvring uv Hespvreun memuryz. Rimembruns uv a vizut to dhv Svn with Soemu. Dhv Navaz kvrunts. Diskuntent with lief. Deth uv litul dauturz. Starting on a see voiij with Ilizubuth. Storm and rek and—Deth. Hoem ugen to Pvrtoz. Hoem, nou; Vrth, with its ilz, left bihiend forevur, and Karmu satusfied.

Chaptur X

After the years, returned. Phyris as tutor and guide. Creation of a body for use in Hesperus. Teaching by the Voice of the Spirit. “Go into the Holy Place.”

Aftur dhv yirz, ritvrnd. Fierus az tootur and gied. Kreaeshun uv a body for ues in Hespurus. Teeching by dhv Vois uv dhv Spirut. “Go into dhv Hoely Plaes.”

Chaptur XI

“To be or not to be! That is the question.” The critical ordeal–temptation met and conquered.

“To be or not to be! Dhat iz dhv kweschun.” Dhv kritikul ordeel—temptaeshun met and konkurd.




Chaptur I

“Ye shall reap as ye have sown.” Perception.

“Ye shal reep az ye hav soen.” Pursepshun.

Chaptur II

Victory and Praise. Life ended. Being just begun.     

Viktury and Praez. Lief endud. Being jvst bigvn.

Chaptur III

Retrospection: Phyris and Phylos scan their Atlantean lives–Lolix and Elizabeth.

Retruspekshun: Fierus and Fieloes skan dheir Utlanteun lievz—Loliks and Ilizubuth.

Chaptur IV

The decline of Atlantis during several thousand years. Decadence of Science. Aerial navigation and many scientific instruments forgotten. National depravity and ruin. Blood sacrifice in religion. Beginning of human sacrifice. Disappearance of the Maxin Book and the Unfed

Dhv diklien uv Utlantus dvring sevur thouzund yirz. Dekuduns uv Siuns. Ereul navugaeshun and meny siuntifik instrumunts forgotun. Nashunul dipravuty and rooun. Blvd sakrufies in rilijun. Bigining uv huemun sakrufies. Disupiruns uv dhv Maksun Bwk and dhe Unfed

Light. Earthquake and deluge and sinking of Atlantis. Retrospective look at the time of Zailm in the continent of Lemuria, ages before Atlantis. Captives offered up to the gods. A sacrifice for love.

Liet. Vrthkwaek and deluej and sinking uv Utlantus. Retruspektiv lwk at dhv tiem uv Zaelm in dhv kontununt uv Limuereu, aejuz bifoer Utlantus. Kaptivz ofurd vp to dhv godz. A sakrufies for luv.

Chaptur V

Karmic retrospection: “Man’s inhumanity to man.”

Karmik retruspekshun: “Man’z inhuemanuty to man.”

Chaptur VI

Why Atlantis perished.

Whie Utlantus perishd.

Chaptur VII

The Transfiguration.

Dhv Transfigyuraeshun.






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This blog will only be about spelling reform and Mentur. I am a retired machinist. I have been studying spelling reform since about 2000. I decided Mentur is what I would like to see as a user-friendly spelling system for English. Spelling reformers in general have widely differing views on the subject.
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