Mvch uv  whot I riet on dhis blog iz upinyun. Whiel I hav spent thouzundz uv hourz stvdying dhv svbjikt, I am not aulwaez priperd to bak vp mie staetmunts with svm stvdy maed by an “uthoruty”, and I am not inkliend to spend dhv tiem to seek out dheez uthorutyz. Buyur biwer.

Mie intent hir iz to prizent Mentur in vereus waez so dhat dhv reedur iz kunvinsd dhat Mentur shwd be prumoetud az an aulturnut speling sistum for English. Svmtiemz I mae riet an artikul ubout svm svbjikt I am not wel ukwaentud with. I wil not kunsvrn mieself dhat svm uv mie staetmunts—staetud az fakt—miet be found to be svmwhot off dhv mark. I wil utempt to keep inakyurusyz to a minumun. Bvt I hav a limut to hou hard I wil trie. I’m not geting paed for dhis.

Yoo wil fiend a lot uv “weezul wvrdz” liek; maeby, svm, miet, probubly, I red svmwher, moest. Dheez wvrdz implie I no whot I am tauking ubout, and I think I am prity kloes to dhv trooth, bvt I miet lak kunvinsing evuduns. I wil not pvrpusly misleed yoo. If it iz importunt to yoo, I’m shwr yoo kan fiend meny uv yoor ansurz elswher.



About Paul Stought

This blog will only be about spelling reform and Mentur. I am a retired machinist. I have been studying spelling reform since about 2000. I decided Mentur is what I would like to see as a user-friendly spelling system for English. Spelling reformers in general have widely differing views on the subject.
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