About This Blog

About This Blog. 

I suggest the reader skip the category–Uncategorized–because the way I am using this blog causes this category to be like a junk pile with everything out of order. 

English has one of the hardest to learn spelling systems in the world. Over 20% of English speaking adults have significant trouble with reading. Many people in countries where English is not the primary language, wish to learn to speak, read and write, in English. A major discouragement is the spelling system.

While we will need to be able to read and spell in the present spelling system for a very long time, the use of Zefur to help teach traditional spelling (TS), will also show how we can make and use a much more user-friendly spelling system for English. 

My name is Paul Stought. I am a retired machinist. I became interested in spelling reform in 1981 when I read an article about Unifon. I became actively involved about 1999 when I got my first computer. I looked up Unifon, and from there I was introduced to many other links to information about spelling reform. I was looking to find a spelling system I liked. It became clear that Unifon didn’t have a chance for general acceptance. There are many proposals for new spelling systems. I didn’t think much of any of them. While I didn’t set out to design spelling systems, I began thinking about the features I thought should be in a new spelling system. I spent thousands of hours tinkering. Much of it was repetitious as I scrapped many hours work just to make small “improvements”. The result is two spelling systems I would prefer to see accepted. I thought Mentur would serve readers best in the long run—but:

Zefur has become my present choice, after preferring Mentur for years. It’s a little embarrassing.

The seeming inconsistencies in the following samples are further explained in the rules. 

Sample text in Zefur:

I am a ritierd musheenust. I becaem inturustud in speling riform in 1981 when I redd an articul ubout Unifon. I becaem activly invaulvd ubout 1999 when I got mie fvrst cumpuetur. I lwkd vp Unifon, and frvm ther I wvz intrudoosd to meny vthur links to infurmaeshun ubout speling reform. I wvz lwking to fiend a speling sistum I liekd. It becaem clir that Unifon didn’t hav a chans for jenurul acseptuns. Ther ar meny prupoezulz for noo speling sistumz. I didn’t think mvch uv eny uv them. Whiel I didn’t set out to dizien speling sistumz, I began thinking ubout the feechurz I thaut shwd be in a noo speling sistum. I spent thouzundz uv hourz tincuring. Mvch uv it wvz reputishus az I scrapd meny hourz uv wvrk jvst to maek smaul “improovmunts”. The rizvlt iz two speling sistumz I wwd prifvr to see acseptud. I thaut Mentur wwd svrv reedurz best in the long rvn bvt:

Zefur haz bicvm mie prezunt chois, aftur prifvring Mentur for yirz. It’s a litul embarrusing.

This blog has a lot of Mentur text presently but I plan to add text with Zefur from now on. 2/9/19.

The reason for this switch is brought about because TESS—The English Spelling Society—has asked for submissions of spelling systems, with the hope of choosing one to promote. You can submit more than one spelling system. Mentur is in the process of being looked over, though I know I have to rework some of the information I provided. I decided to submit Zefur. In revisiting Zefur, I felt it had a better chance over Mentur because of a few differences between Mentur and Zefur that will probably make Zefur’s appearance more likely to be accepted.

The changes are:

Dh will be changed to th; <this, thin> dhis/thin changed to this/thin.

The sight words dhe/dhv will be changed to the, as in TS (traditional spelling).

Ngg will be changed to ng; <singer, finger> will be changed from singur, finggur to singur, fingur.

Both c and k will be spelled for the k sound much as in traditional spelling, with some differences to standardize spelling. Kat, jakut> cat,  jacut. The rules that cover this are easy to follow.

Check the Categories on the right side of the page to see how Mentur has been used. Zefur will likely follow much the same pattern.

I will probably begin removing Mentur from the blog just to keep people from getting confused.

Look for the category—B Zefur. The B is to put Zefur at the head of the list.  I hoped to enter A Zefur but something went wrong and I couldn’t get it.

Check out: http://www.spellingsociety.org/




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